Annual Conference 2019

The SCCER Mobility Annual Conference convened for the sixth time on 6 September 2019 at ETH Zurich. This year we reached the highest participant number so far and welcomed over 150 expert guests from academia, public agencies and industry. Elisabeth Windisch from the International Transport Forum kicked off the conference with a keynote lecture presenting newest insights of the “International Transport Outlook 2019”. She stressed that it is important for transport policy to anticipate disruptions coming from other sectors and to promote innovation. In a second keynote, Konstantinos Boulouchos (Head SCCER Mobility) highlighted the key messages of the EASAC report “Decarbonisation of transport: options and challenges”, which he chaired. His talk also put emphasis on the aviation sector, as its decarbonization will be especially challenging and have profound impacts on the entire energy system. In the following sessions, Capacity Areas Coordinators presented the research highlights of the different areas and other special topics. René Schumann (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland) and Thomas Stoiber (University of Basel) gave an overview and showed first results of the Joint Activity CREST-Mobility. Presented outcomes focused on a study that analyzed consumer preference concerning shared and pooled autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, the coordinators of the digitalization projects that were launched this year presented their work plans and research goals. Concluding the conference, we announced the winner of the Best Poster Award. Previously, an external review committee had evaluated the submitted posters and the six best authors presented their work with short pitches in the plenary session. Elisabeth Windisch, Horst Friedrich (DLR), Sigrid Pirkelbauer (ASTRA) and Helmut Eichlseder (TU Graz), this year’s poster jury, selected Giacomo Pareschi and Maximilian Held (both Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich) as the winners. They co-authored the poster entitled “The biggest bang for the buck: Where to use a marginal kWh of renewable electricity in the Swiss transport sector”. Congratulations!

In case you were not able to attend or would like to revisit some of the presentations or posters, most are available for download below. Moreover, you can watch the audio recordings of each presentation under the link provided bellow. We hope to welcome you next year and enjoy browsing!

Program (pdf)

Participants (pdf)

Audio recordings


International Transport Outlook 2019
Dr. Elisabeth Windisch - International Transport Forum, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (download)

Decarbonization of transport: options and challenges
Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Boulouchos - Head SCCER Mobility (download)



Session I: SCCER Mobility Capacity Area highlights

Systems and Components for E-Mobility (Capacity Area A1)
Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini, BFH

Chemical Energy Converters (Capacity Area A2)

Christian Bach, Empa

Minimization of Vehicular Energy Demand (Capacity Area A3)

Prof. Dr. Veronique Michaud, EPFL


Session II: Highlights continued & special topics

Design, Demonstration & Dissemination of Systems for Sustainable Mobility (Capacity Area B1)

Prof. Dr. Martin Raubal, ETH Zürich

Integrated Assessment of Mobility Systems (Capacity Area B2)

Dr. Stefan Hirschberg, Paul Scherrer Institute

The evolution of mobility: a socio-economic analysis (Joint Activity CREST-Mobility)

Prof. Dr. Rene Schumann, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland | Thomas Stoiber, University of Basel

Digitalization Program (download):

Prof. Dr. Peter Affolter, BFH | Dejan Milojevic, Empa | Prof. Dr. Martin Raubal, ETH Zürich | Dr. Roman Rudel, SUPSI

E-Mobility - Capacity Area A1

Modular Battery Management System for a fast Sampling of the Cell Voltages and Algorithms to Determine the Internal Impedance of Battery Cells 
Timan Schneider, BFH (ESReC)

Isolated DC-DC Converter for Battery Storage in Traction Applications -Medium Frequency Building Block for Future of Railway -
Milos Stojadinovic, Jürgen Biela ETHZ (HPE) Bombardier Transportation

Evaluation of State of Charge Estimator Algorithms in Terms of Accuracy and Robustness
Daniel Luder, Erik Graf, Andrea Vezzini BFH-Zentrum Energiespeicherung, Institut für Energie und Mobilitätsforschung

Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer System with Optimized Coil Geometry and New Control Method
Simon Nigsch, Falk Kyburz, Kurt Schenk NTB (Institute for Energy Systems)



Chemical Energy Converters - Capacity Area A2

INSIDE technique: INduced Spectroscopy for Ignition Diagnostics in Engines
Laura Merotto, Thomas Kammermann, Patrik Soltic, Christian Bach, Davide Bleiner Empa (APTL),

Predictive Energy Management for «SwissTrolley plus»
Andreas Ritter, Fabio Widmer, Cary Müller, Christopher Onder ETHZ (IDSC)

ALADIN II –HighlyEfficientand Near-Zero Emission Micro CombinedHeat and Power Plant
Tammo Zobel, Christopher Onder, Christian Schürch, Konstantinos Boulouchos, Peter Regenass, Markus Staubli, Martin Moisi, Daniel Gohl ETHZ (IDSC), ETHZ (LAV), Motorex, Hoval AG, sacharging solutions AG

Modular Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for the Airpath of Internal Combustion Engines
Severin Hänggi, Giordano Moretto, David Machacek, Thivaharan Albin, Christopher Onder ETHZ (IDSC)

Hybrid Concept with a Fully Variable Valve Train -FlexWork
Andyn Omanovic, Norbert Zsiga, Patrik Soltic EMPA, Wolfgang Schneider Wolfgang Schneider Ingenieurbüro

Autonomous Driving Sensor Testing
Dejan Milojevic, Christian Hohl, Thomas Bütler, Panayotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, Mathias Huber, Christian Bach EMPA

Water and heat transport in a fuel cell during evaporative cooling: a numerical and experimental study
Robert Herrendörfer, Magali Cochet, Jürgen O. Schumacher, Pierre Boillat, Michael Striednig, Felix Büchi ZHAW (Institute of Computational Physics Electrochemical Cells and Energy Systems),

Potentials and Limits of Evaporative Cooling for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Michael Striednig, Magali Cochet, Pierre Boillat, Thomas J. Schmidt, Felix Büchi PSI (Electrochemistry Laboratory) PSI (Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging) ETHZ (Laboratory of Physical Chemistry)


Minimization of vehicular energy demand - Capacity Area A3

Three-dimensional printing of hierarchical liquid crystal polymer structures
Silvan Gantenbein, Kunal Masania, Wilhelm Woigk, Jens P.W. Sesseg, Theo A. Tervoort, André R. Studart 

The biggest bang for the buck: Where to use a marginal kWh of renewable electricity in the Swiss transport sector
Giacomo Pareschi, Maximilian Held, Gil Georges, Konstantinos Boulouchos, ETH (LAV)

Hierarchical damping of natural fibre composites
Wilhelm Woigk, Kunal Masania, Silvan Gantenbein, Erik Poloni, Alex Heusi, Andre R. Studart ETH (MAT)


Systems for sustainable mobility - Capacity Area B1

Behavioural Mobility
Giacomo Pareschi, Lukas Küng, Gil Georges, Konstantinos Boulouchos ETHZ (LAV)

Fragility of EV Grid-Impact Assessment to Modelling and Control Choices
Damiano Toffanin, Jochen Stiasny, Andreas Ulbig ETHZ / Adaptricity AG

Next generation train control: online calibration of train motion models and st0chastic optimization of train trajectories
Valerio de Martinis, Franceco Corman, Pengling Wang ETHZ (IVT)

The future of logistics: How will electric trucks shape the future energy demand and distribution of Switzerland?
Keyuan Yin, Dominik Bucher, Henry Martin, René Buffat, Martin Raubal ETHZ (IKG)

Analysis framework and results of the SBB Green Class pilot studies
Henry Martin, Dominik Bucher, David Jonietz, Martin Raubal ETHZ (IKG) Henrik Becker, Kay W. Axhausen ETHZ (IVT)

Going electric? Critical barriers precluding the electrification of road public transport in Southern Switzerland
Jose Veiga Simao, Francesca Cellina, Roman Rudel SUPSI (ISAAC)

Impact of Urban Structures and Planning Activities on Mobility 
Dimitry Demin, Joachim Huber, Marcel Abegglen, Jürg Bührer BFH AHB Dencity


Integrated Assessment - Capacity Area B2

Extending a Swiss energy system model with heterogeneous mobility consumer groups
Sandro Luh
Paul Scherrer Institut

Transforming the Swiss Mobility System - Who are the future E-Sharers?
Raphael Hoerler, Uros Tomic, Andrea Del Duce ZHAW (INE)

Touchpoints for e-mobility: Understanding the vehicle purchase process to more efficiently promote electric vehicles in Switzerland
Jana Plananska, University of St. Gallen (IWOE)

Smart EV charging: Innovation co-creation for more solar miles and smooth grid integration
Merla Kubil University of St. Gallen (IWOE)

How to anticipate constraints on upscaling and social inclusion in mobility smart city living labs
Marc Dijk ICIS, Maastricht University,NL Nicola Da Schio Cosmopolis, Vrije Universiteit Brussels Francesca Cellina, Roberta Castri SUPS IMario Diethart, Thomas Höflehner University of Graz

Advancements of environmental externality modelling of various modes of transportation
Thomas Heck PSI (Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis)

Mode choice for commuting and leisure: A matter of lifestyle?
Uros Tomic, Raphael Hoerler, Andrea Del Duce ZHAW (INE)

The environmental performance of passenger vehicles: today and tomorrow
Christian Bauer, Brian Cox, Chris Mutel, Romain Sacchi, Thomas Heck PSI (Technology Assesment Group)

Swapping programs for accelerating vehicle fleet modernization - Life Cycle perspective
Andrea Nistad, Romain Sacchi, Chris Mutel, Christian Bauer PSI (Technology Assesment Group)

Hydrogen from natural gas reforming with CCS: A clean fuel?
Christian Bauer, Cristina Antonini, Mijndert van der Spek, Karin Treyer, Xiaojin Zhang, Marco Mazzotti PSI (Technology Assesment Group), ETHZ (Separation Processes Laboratory)


Joint Activities

An Analysis of Soft and Hard Measures Aiming at a Less Car-Based Form of Leisure Mobility
Anne Baumgartner, Iljana Schubert, Annika Sohre, Paul Burger University of Basel (Sustainable Research Group) Uros Tomic, Corinne Moser ZHAW, School of Engineering,



EV Diffusion Impact Assessment on Distribution Networks of South Tyrol
Chiara Michelangeli, Giacomo Vigano, Diana Moneta, Claudio Carlini Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE
Luis Amort, Marco Birello, Alberto Bridi, Bruno Fasoli, Arnold Rofner Edyna SpA
Giovanni Paolucci, Dieter Theiner Alperia SpA

Cablecar: Integration of a storage system and its energy management system
Oliver Duvanel Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architektur (IET)

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