Annual Conference 2020

The seventh and last SCCER Mobility Annual Conference took place on 23 November 2020 via Zoom. Due to the circumstances, we decided to host the conference in a full virtual and condensed format. More than 140 experts from academia, government agencies and industry registered and participated. The conference commenced with a keynote presentation by Konstantinos Boulouchos (Head SCCER Mobility) about the planned second white paper. In the talk, Konstantinos Boulouchos presented selected results of the center that will make up the core of the publication. In addition to complimenting and updating the first white paper, newest insights on freight transportation, aviation and ocean shipping will be included in this second edition.

In the following breakout sessions, the different Capacity Areas reviewed their main achievements and benefits of SCCER Mobility during the past seven years as well as their plans to maintain established cooperation. Leading up to this, each Capacity Area recorded a talk about the specific research highlights of the past year. These can be found in the talks tab below. To reflect the topic of Critical developments in the transportation sector and impact on CO2 emissions, there was a panel discussion. Björn Bender (Swiss Federal Railways), Luca Castiglioni (Swiss Federal Office of Energy), Rainer Deutschmann (Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund) and Michael Frambourg (Volkswagen AG) participated as panelists and offered their insights from the perspective of their area of expertise and their professional setting.

Concluding the conference, we announced the winner of the Best Poster Award. This time, registered participants had a chance to view the posters and video pitches beforehand and vote for their favorite. In total, 21 researchers submitted posters and 16 an accompanying pitch. Only posters with a prerecorded pitch were eligible for the best poster award. There were 50 votes cast by the audience and the winner was Wilhem Woigk from ETH Zurich (Capacity Area A3) for his poster entitled: Recycled carbon fibres into hierarchical natural fibre composites with high stiffness and damping. Congratulations!

In case you were not able to attend or would like to revisit the event, all presentations, posters, and recordings are available below. Enjoy browsing!


Participant list

Recording welcome

Recording keynote

Recording summary breakout sessions & panel discussion


Systems and Components for E-Mobility - Capacity Area A1

Novel Double-D Coil Geometry for a Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer System
Simon Nigsch, Falk Kyburz, Kurt Schenk, OST (IES)

Best Practice Battery Design by OST
Max Stöck, Gerhard Rizzo, Rouven Christen, OST (EMS) 

Demonstrators and Batteries
Max Stöck, Gerhard Rizzo, Rouven Christen, Cornel Pfister, OST (EMS)

Electrifying the Company Car
Pascal Vuichard, HSG (IWOE)

Enhanced Physics-Based Models for State Estimation of Li-Ion Batteries
Daniel Luder, Priscilla Caliandro, Andrea Vezzini, BFH (ESReC)


Chemical Energy Converters - Capacity Area A2

Flying in a Climate-Constrained World
Maximilian Held, Kyle Seymour, Saskia Adam, Gil Georges, Konstantinos Boulouchos, ETH Zurich (LAV)

3-D simulation of water and heat transport processes in fuel cells during
Robert Herrendörfer, Jürgen Schumacher ZHAW (IPC) Magali Cochet, Felix Büchi, Pierre Boillat, PSI (LEC)


Minimization of Vehicular Energy Demand - Capacity Area A3

Pultrusion of large cross-section thermoplastic profiles for high voltage insulator cores
Maximilian Volk, Jeng Wong, Paolo Ermanni, ETH Zurich (CMAS)

Recycled carbon fibres into hierarchical natural fibre composites with high stiffness and damping
Wilhelm Woigk, Yannick Nagel, Silvan Gantenbein, Kunal Masania, Andre Studart, ETH Zurich (CML)


Design, Demonstration and Dissemination of Systems for Sustainable Mobility -  Capacity Area B1

Analysis of Decentered Clusters and Transversal Supply
Marcel Abegglen, Andreas Bachmann, Dimitry Demin, Joachim Huber, BFH (AHB)

Decision Support for Short-Distance and Ad-Hoc Ridesharing Based on Passively Recorded Tracking Data
Dominik Bucher, Christian Grass, Pengxiang Zao, Henry Martin, Ye Hong, Yanan Xin, Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich (IKG)

Conserved Quantities in Human Mobility Patterns
Ye Hong, Henry Martin, Dominik Bucher, Yanan Xin, Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich (IKG)


Integrated Assessment of Mobility Systems - Capacity Area B2

Self-selection and attrition biases in app-based persuasive technologies for mobility behaviour change
Francesca Cellina, Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti, Marco Gui, SUPSI (ISAAC)

How to increase the adoption of sustainable long-term mobility lifestyles?
Raphael Hoerler, Thomas Stoiber, Andreas Del Duce, ZHAW (INE)

Autonomous driving in Ticino: a mirage or around the corner?
José Veiga Simão, Francesca Cellina, Albedo Bettini, Roman Rudel, SUPSI (ISAAC) 

First insights from extending a Swiss energy system model with heterogeneous car consumer segments
Sandro Luh, PSI (LEA)

Explaining modal split by a top‐down, lifestyle‐based segmentation approach: Evidence from
a Swiss tracking study

Uros Tomic ZHAW (INE)


Learning Lab - Future Transport Systems (L2-FTS)

The joint framework for the SCCER Mobility Digitalization Projects
Mireia Roca Riu, ETH Zurich (L2-FTS)

Technology potentials for battery electric heavy-duty vehicles in Switzerland
Albert Mancera Sugrañes, ETH Zurich (L2-FTS)

Dynamic Modeling of Road Freight Battery-Electrification in Switzerland
Amin Dehdarian, ETH Zurich (L2-FTS)

Scenario Development by Mental Model Mapping
Amin Dehdarian, ETH Zurich (L2-FTS)

The Key Performance Indicators of the Swiss Mobility System
Amin Dehdarian, ETH Zurich (L2-FTS)

Keynote presentation

Sustainable Future Mobility – SCCER Mobility White Paper
Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Boulouchos, ETH Zurich - slides

Review & thematic outlook of SCCER Mobility Capacity Areas

Systems and Components for E-Mobility (Capacity Area A1)
Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini, BFH - video

Chemical Energy Converters (Capacity Area A2)
Christian Bach, Empa - video

Minimization of Vehicular Energy Demand (Capacity Area A3)
Prof. Dr. Paolo Ermanni, ETH Zurich - video   Nicole Aegerter, ETH Zurich - video

Design, Demonstration & Dissemination of Systems for Sustainable Mobility (Capacity Area B1)
Prof. Dr. Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich - video

Integrated Assessment of Mobility Systems (Capacity Area B2)
Dr. Stefan Hirschberg, Paul Scherrer Institute - video

Learning Lab - Future Transport Systems & Digitalisation
Dr. Amin Dehdarian, Dr. Albert Mancera Sugrañes, Dr. Mireia Roca-Riu, ETH Zurich  - video

MAS | CAS Mobiltät der Zukunft
Dr. Martin Streicher-Porte, ETH Zurich - video


Funding opportunities Innosuisse

Björn Bender, Head of New Mobility Services at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
Björn Bender
  • Since 2019: Head of New Mobility Services, Swiss Federal Railways, leading an innovation and new mobility business unit with the focus on strategic foresight, exploration and product development
  • 2015 - 2019: Vice President, Deutsche Bahn AG-DB Connect GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2012 - 2015: Director Southern Europe, Deutsche Bahn AG – DB Vertrieb GmbH, Milan, Italy
  • 2009 - 2012: Director Eastern Europe/Austria, Deutsche Bahn AG, Vienna, Austria
  • 2008 - 2009: Business Development Executive, Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2005 - 2007: Marketing & Sales Executive, South African Airways, Johannesburg/Frankfurt
  • 2002 - 2006: Master of Business Administration.


Luca Castiglioni, Head of Mobility Research at Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)
Luca Castiglioni
  • Since 2020: Head of Mobility Research, Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  • 2016 - 2019: Senior Scientist at University of Zurich, Team- and Project Leader in Fabrication and characterization of molecular thin films for photovoltaic devices and photocatalysis for renewable energy.
  • 2011 - 2016: Research Associate, University of Zurich 2010: Research Associate, Paul Scherrer Institute PSI
  • 2007 - 2009: Postdoctoral Researcher in Physical Chemistry, UC Berkeley
    1999 - 2003: Dipl. Chem. ETH (MSc.), ETH Zurich



Rainer Deutschmann, Director of Corporate Logistics Transport Division, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund
Rainer Deutschmann
  • Since 2016: Director of Corporate Logistics Transport Division, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund. Since January 2020, also Director of Migros Group Security / Crisis Management
  • Director Division Supply Chain-/ Facility-/ Security Management, Member of the Executive Committee of Manor AG
  • Director of the Central Data Center of the Swiss Finance Industry, member of the Executive Committee of Telekurs Services AG, Member of Crisis Committee of Swiss National Bank
  • CIO and Project Manager freight extension airport Zurich, member of the Executive Committee of Cargologic AG
  • Head of Logistics of Bally Schuhfabriken AG, member of the executive committee
  • IT and SCM Project Manager Bally shoe factories
  • Education: business informatics / organization theory / corporate management


Michael Frambourg, Group Research Powertrain, Executive Manager Combustion Engine at Volkswagen AG
Michael Frambourg
  • Since 2010: Group Research Powertrain, Executive Manager Combustion Engine, Volkswagen AG
  • 1996 - 2010: various functions in the division Mechatronic Diesel-Systems, Project Manager to Executive Manager Combustion System and Concepts, IAV GmbH - Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, Gifhorn, Germany
  • 1989 - 1995: Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, with a specialization in combustion engines and continuous-flow machines (Dipl.-Ing.)
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