Annual Conference 2018

The annual SCCER Mobility conference took place for the fifth time on 11 September at ETH Zurich. The event welcomed over 120 participants from the SCCER Mobility research network and representatives from industry and governmental agencies. The presentations by SCCER Mobility members and external guest speakers as well as the poster sessions provided many opportunities for introducing newest research results, exchange and networking.

The morning session themed “Non-propulsive vehicle technology potentials” dealt with innovative lightweight materials that can be applied in the transport sector to lower energy demand. Keynote speaker Prof. Leif Asp (Chalmers University of Technology) introduced current research on structural batteries as a “mass-less” energy storage solution for carbon fiber composite vehicles. Here the energy storage capacity is contained in the material itself leading to a substantial potential for mass reduction. The ensuing short inputs highlighted further interesting topics including life cycle assessment of different processing routes (Dr. Baris Caglar, EPFL, replacing Prof. Véronique Michaud), composite reinforcements made of natural fibers (Dr. Per Mårtensson, Bcomp), energy intensity reduction potential for different powertrains (Dr. Gil Georges, ETH Zurich) and increasing composite production rates (Dr. Gilles Orange, Solvay).

In the keynote lecture of the afternoon session, Prof. Anja Schulze (University of Zurich) presented newest insights from the soon to be published report about the Swiss automotive suppliers industry. This study is a result of a comprehensive survey involving Swiss vehicle manufacturers, manufacturers of production equipment, materials and parts suppliers as well as mobility start-ups. Following that, the focus was on current developments in “European & Swiss mobility research landscape”. Shorter talks by Dr. Øystein Ulleberg (MoZEES), Prof. George Giannopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Dr. Martin Naef (Federal Commission for Energy Research) and Prof. Andrea Vezzini (SCCER Mobility) elaborated on the strategic directions of mobility research on the Norwegian, European, Swiss and SCCER Mobility level, respectively. In the final panel discussion, there was an emerging consensus about the importance of coordinated research towards finding solutions for critical issues and of keeping a global perspective when defining national research priorities.

At the end of the day, the winner of the Best Poster Award was announced. Previously, an external review committee had evaluated the submitted posters and the six best authors presented their work with short pitches in the plenary session. The poster jury, Prof. Leif Asp, Dr. Peter de Haan (EBP) and Ernst-Jan van Hattum (EEN), nominated Wilhelm Woigk as the winner. Congratulations! Wilhelm is a doctoral student in the Complex Materials Group (ETH Zurich) and his poster introduced research on hierarchical damping of lightweight natural fiber composites.

In case you were not able to attend or would like to revisit some of the presentations or posters, most are available for download below. We hope to welcome you next year and enjoy browsing!

Program (pdf)

Participants (pdf)


Structural power composites for lightweight transport solutions (Link physics world, Link IOPscience)
Prof. Dr. Leif Asp - Division of Material and Computational Mechanics, Chalmers University

Status and current developments of the Swiss automotive (suppliers) industry (download)
Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze - Technology & Innovation Management, University of Zurich

Cross-cutting sessions

Session I: Non-Propulsive Vehicle Technology Potentials
Prof. Dr. Véronique Michaud, Epfl | Dr. Per Mårtensson, Bcomp. | Dr. Gil Georges, ETH Zürich | Dr. Gilles Orange, Solvay2018

Session II:  European & Swiss Mobility Research Landscape
Dr. Øystein Ulleberg, (MoZEES) Research Center | Prof. Dr. George Giannopoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Dr. Martin Naef, Federal Commission for Energy Research (CORE) | Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini, Deputy Head SCCER Mobility

E-Mobility - Capacity Area A1

Isolated DC-DC Converter for Battery Storage in Traction Applications - Modelling and Design of a Medium Frequency Transformer
Miloš Stojadinović, Jürgen Biela, ETH Zürich (HPE), Bombardier Transportation, (Switzerland) AG

Influence of Coupler Parameter Variation of an Inductive Charging System for Electric Vehicles
Simon Nigsch, Kurt Schenk, Interstaatl. Hochschule für Technik Buchs NTB (IES)

eDumper: Energieflussmodellierung & Batteriecharakterisierung
Dr. Alejandro Santis, Ludovic Lauber, Daniel Luder, Christian Follin, Peter Affolter, Andrea Vezzini, BFH-Zentrum Energiespeicherung, Institut für Energie und Mobilitätsforschung

BFH Energy Storage Research Centre

From Single Cell via Simulation to The Battery - Best Practice designed by NTB
Max Stöck, Gerhard Rizzo, Rouven Christen, Interstaatl. Hochschule für Technik Buchs NTB (EMS)


Chemical Energy Converters - Capacity Area A2

FlexWork – Fully Variable and Efficient Valve Train for Internal Combustion Engines
Andyn Omanovic, Norbert Zsiga, Patrik Soltic, Automotive Powertrain Technologies Laboratory, Empa, Wolfgang Schneider, Ingenieurbüro

Microwave Heated, Additive Manufactured Catalysts for almost zero Emission Powertrains     Best Poster Award finalist
Viola Papetti, Panayotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, Empa, Alberto Ortona, SUPSI

CAE Approach for EGR System Design in a CNG Engine for Light Commercial Vehicles
Jakub Rojewski, Patrik Soltic, APTL, Empa, Giacomo Manca di Villahermosa, Daniel Klein, FPT Motorenforschung AG, Giovanni Gaetano Gianetti, Tommaso Lucchini, Internal Combustion Engine Group, Politecnico di Milano

Plasma based in-cylinder air-fuel eqivalence ratio quantification for gas engines
Thomas Kammermann, APTL, Empa and LAV, ETH Zurich, Laura Merotto, Patrik Soltic, Christian Bach, Automotive Powertrain Technologies Lab, Empa, Davide Bleiner, Advanced Analytical Technologies Lab

Gas Prechamber Combustion – Joint Experimental and Numerical Investigations
Panagiotis Kyrtatos, Konstantinos Bardis, Maria Kotzagianni, Michele Bolla, Christos Frouzakis, Sotirios Benekos, Konstantinos Boulouchos, George Giannakopoulos, ETH Zurich, Alexey Denisov, Kai Herrmann, FHNW

Hydrogen: A Promising Energy Carrier for Electromobility
Pierre Boillat, Magali Cochet, Felix Büchi, Adrian Mularczyk, Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institute, Jürgen Schumacher, Roman Vetter, Institute of Computational Physics (ICP), ZHAW


Minimization of vehicular energy demand - Capacity Area A3

Mechanical interlocking in highly‐stretchable hydrogel‐based composites
Sara T.R. Velasquez, Rafael Libanori, André R. Studart, Laboratory for Complex Materials, ETH Zurich

The Continuous Fabrication of Hybrid Bicomponent Fibres for Thermoplastic Composites     Best Poster Award finalist
C. Schneeberger, N. Aegerter, S. Arreguin,P. Ermanni, Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures, ETH Zurich, J. C. H. Wong, ETH Zurich and University of Calgary

Hierarchical damping of natural fibre composites Lightweight     Best Poster Award winner
Wilhelm Woigk, Kunal Masania, Silvan Gantenbein, Alex Heusi, André R. Studart, Laboratory for Complex Materials, ETH Zürich

Processing and Fracture Mechanics of Multiscale Nacre-like Composites
Madeleine Grossman, Dmitriy Piorvov, Florian Bouville, Clemens Dransfeld, Kunal Masania, André R. Studart, Complex Materials, Department of Materials, ETH Zürich

Three-dimensional printing of hierarchical liquid crystal polymer structures (confidential)
Silvan Gantenbein, Kunal Masania, Wilhelm Woigk, André R. Studart, Complex Materials, ETH Zürich, Jens P.W. Sesseg, Theo A. Tervoort, Soft Materials, ETH Zürich

Role of minimizing passenger car energy intensity for climate targets
Lukas Küng, Gil Georges, Konstantinos Boulouchos, ETH Zürich, Thomas Bütler, Empa


Systems for sustainable mobility - Capacity Area B1

Towards autonomous driving trains in mixed traffic networks: setups and optimization methods for energy efficient driving and integration into traffic management systems     Best Poster Award finalist
Pengling Wang, Valerio De Martinis, Francesco Corman, IVT Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Transportsysteme, ETH Zürich

Using a GIS-based Framework to Analyze the Impact of a Mobility as a Service Offer     Best Poster Award finalist
Henry Martin, Dominik Bucher, David Jonietz, Martin Raubal, Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation, ETH Zurich


Integrated Assessment - Capacity Area B2

The environmental burdens of passenger cars: today and tomorrow: Fact sheet for the Swiss Federal Office for Energy
Brian Cox, Christian Bauer,
Paul Scherrer Institut

Environmental performance of passenger cars under different future energy scenarios
Brian Cox, Christian Bauer, Chris Mutel, Paul Scherrer Institut, Angelica Mendoza, Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Detlef van Vuuren, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Life cycle environmental burdens of Swiss passenger transport sector
Brian Cox, Chris Mutel, Paul Scherrer Institut

Outcomes of a smart city living lab prompting low-carbon mobility patterns by a mobile app
Francesca Celina, Jose Simao, ISAAC, Supsi, Francesca Mangili, Nicola Vermes, IDSIA, Supsi, Pasquale Granato, Sparkling Lab,

Trends, Behaviour and System Dynamics – Guiding Principles for Transformation     Best Poster Award finalist
Raphael Hoerler, Merja Hoppe,
Institute for Sustainable Development, zhaw

Applying nudging techniques to promote fuel-efficient car purchases –State of the field analysis
Jana Plananska, Karoline Gamma, Rolf Wüstenhagen, IWÖ-HSG, University of St.Gallen

Understanding the long-term transition of the Swiss non-car fleet: Integrated model development and preliminary insights
Aymane Hassan, Ramachandran Kannan, Tom Kober, Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis,Paul Scherrer Institut


Learning Lab - Future Transport Systems

A dynamic modeling approach to transport system analysis in Switzerland
Amin Dehdarian, Gil Georges,
Institute of Energy Technology, ETH Zurich, Konstantinos Boulouchos, SCCER Mobility, Institute of Energy Technology, ETH Zurich, Kirsten Oswald, Gloria Romera Guereca, SCCER Mobility


Associated Research

The influence of consumption unit (liter vs. kWh) on the perceived environmental image of cars (confidential)
Mario Herberz, Ulf Hahnel, Tobias Brosch, Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab, University of Geneva

The Evolution of Mobility: A Socio-economic Analysis
JA CREST-Mobility


Poster List
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