Annual Conference 2017

The SCCER Mobility 4th Annual Conference took place on 15 September at ETH Zurich. With over 120 participants including about 40 guests from public offices and industry, this event provided an opportunity to discuss relevant research topics and projects, exchange with academic and external experts as well as find new cooperation partners.

The two invited keynote speakers, Andreas Lischke (German Aerospace Center DLR Berlin) and Michael Frambourg (Volkswagen AG) set the tone of the conference running under the motto of cross-cutting research. Andreas Lischke focused on future developments and emissions of heavy-duty freight transport, while Michael Frambourg provided insights on VW’s strategy towards sustainability of passenger cars. Both speakers stressed the importance of a broad technology portfolio and investment in alternative fuels to meet climate goals, as battery electric technology will most probably not be able to cover all transport sectors and applications.

With a focus on Switzerland, the following three sessions addressed central themes in transport research: (1) the logistic challenge, (2) passenger mobility in cities and regions, and (3) energy for transportation. Sessions included SCCER Mobility contributions with up-to-date research activities and results along with inputs from external experts on these topics. This format stimulated a lively discussion and helped bridge the gap between science, industry and society.

Finally, an external review committee selected the best poster contributions and finalists had the chance to present their work in short poster pitches. Congratulations to Merla Kubli from University of St. Gallen, who won the SCCER Mobility Best Poster Award. Her poster presented ongoing research on assessing the willingness of electric vehicle owners to support smart grid flexibility.

For those, who were unable to attend or who would like to brush up, all presentations and posters are available for download below. We hope to welcome you next year and enjoy reading!


Scenarios for drivetrains, fuels and technologies of heavy duty vehicles (download)
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Lischke, German Aerospace Center DLR Berlin, Institute of Transport Research

Relevant parameters for the transition of  mobility to a „decarbonized world“ (download)
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Frambourg,Volkswagen AG, Group Research Powertrain

Cross-cutting sessions

Topic 1:  The logistic challenge in Switzerland
Ch. Bach, Empa | Dr. G. Georges, ETH Zürich | J. Bigdon, SBB Cargo | V. Heimgartner, Imagine Cargo | Dr. Ph. Dietrich, H2energy

Topic 2:  Passenger mobility in Swiss cities and regions
Prof. Dr. St. Hellweg, ETH Zürich | Prof. Dr. M. Raubal, ETH Zürich | Dr. N. Mathys, ARE | Ch. Spoerry, Tiefbauamt Stadt Zürich

Topic 3: Energy for transportation
Dr. St. Hirschberg, PSI | Prof. Dr. K. Boulouchos, ETH Zürich | Dr. R. Schmitz, BFE | M. Morf, Alpiq

E-Mobility - Capacity Area A1

Thermal management of the e-dumper battery - best practice designed by NTB
Max Stöck, Gerhard Rizzo, Rouven Christen NTB (EMS)

E-Dumper: Energieflussmodellierung & Batteriecharakterisierung
Alejandro Santis, Ludovic Lauber, Daniel Luder, Andreas Meier, Christian Follin, Peter Affolter, Andrea Vezzini BFH (CSEM and EsREC)

E-Dumper: Battery cell characterization and risk assessment
Marcel Held, Daniel Aeppli Empa (RST)

E-Dumper: The world’s largest electric vehicle
Marcel Held, Daniel Aeppli Empa (RST) | Andrea Vezzini, Peter Affolter, Alejandro Santis BFH (EsREC) | Max Stöck, Gerhard Rizzo NTB (EMS)

SwissTrolley plus: R&D on battery lifespan
Alejandro Santis, Ludovic Lauber, Daniel Luder, Stefan Brönnimann, Roger Filliger, Andrea Vezzini

High efficiency 22 kW inductive charging system for electric vehicles
Simon Nigsch, Janosch Marquart, Kurt Schenk NTB (IES)

Isolated DC-DC converter for battery storage in traction applications - control overview
Milos Stojadinovic, Jürgen Biela ETHZ (HPE) | Bombardier Transportation

The world’s first fully electric aerobatic airplane - Battery management system and monitoring tool for airborne systems
Patrick Wälti, Patrick Haldi, Andrea Vezzini BFH (CSEM and EsREC)


Chemical Energy Converters - Capacity Area A2

Efficient methane engines for light commercial vehicles
Jakub Rojewski, Patrik Soltic Empa (APTL) | Daniel Klein, Gilles Hardy FPT | Angelo Onorati, Giacomo Manca di Vilhermosa Politecnico Milano

Prototype vehicle powered by hydrogen enriched natural gas      Best Poster Award Finalist
Thomas Bütler, Mathias Huber, Urs Cabalzar, Christian Bach Empa (APTL)

NextICE – The next generation of alternative fuel converters in the transportation sector      Best Poster Award Finalist
Richard Hutter, Philipp Elbert, Christopher Onder ETHZ (IDSC)

Temporally‐resolved spark‐induced emission spectroscopy for optical in‐cylinder ignition diagnostics
Thomas Kammermann, Wolfgang Kreutner, Patrik Soltic, Christian Bach, Davide Bleiner Empa (APTL) | Konstantinos Boulouchos ETHZ (LAV)

Pore‐level investigation of water evaporation under air and hydrogen flows in gas diffusion layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Amin Safia, John Mantzaras PSI (CRL) | Nikolaos Prasianakis PSI (WML) | Adrien Lamibrac, Felix Büchi PSI (ECL)

Hydrogen for electromobility: A promising energy carrier
Pierre Boillat, Magali Cochet, Felix Büchi, Adrien Lamibrac, Adrian Mularczyk PSI (ECL) | Jürgen Schumacher, Roman Vetter ZHAW (ICP)

Optimal and universal calibration of a heavy-duty diesel engine and aftertreatment system
Stijn van Dooren, Philipp Elbert, Christopher Onder ETHZ (IDSC)

ALADIN II – Highly efficient and near-zero emission micro combined heat and power plant
Tammo Zobel, Philipp Elbert, Christopher Onder ETHZ (IDSC) | Christian Schürch, Peter Obrecht, Konstantinos Boulouchos ETHZ (LAV) | Markus Staubli Motorex | Martin Moisi Hoval Aktiengesellschaft | Daniel Gohl sa-charging solutions AG

Current challenges in two-phase PEMFC modeling
Roman Vetter, Jürgen Schumacher ZHAW (ICP)

Swiss Trolley plus
Andreas Ritter, Philipp Elbert, Christopher Onder ETHZ (IDSC)


Minimization of vehicular energy demand - Capacity Area A3

Powder-based processing of highly-loaded platelet-reinforced composites
Sara T. R. Velasquez, Justin-Aurel Ulbrich, Marco R. Binelli, Kunal Masania, Rafael Libanori, André R. Studart ETHZ (CML)

Kiss-roll coating for the high-speed manufacture of hybrid bicomponent fibers
Christoph Schneeberger, N. Aegerter, Joanna C. H. Wong, Paolo Ermanni ETHZ (CMAS)

Thermoplastic composites manufacturing: Direct melt impregnation of fabrics through injection moulding
Julia Studer, Clemens Dransfeld FHNW (IKT) | Bodo Fiedler TU Hamburg

Additive manufacturing of ultra-lightweight fiber composite
Martin Eichenhofer, Joanna. C. H. Wong, Paolo Ermanni ETHZ (CMAS)

Manufacturing of thick composite profiles: Pultrusion of thermoplastic profiles
Max Volk, Joanna Wong ETHZ (CMAS)

Increasing strength in nacre-like polymer-matrix composites
Madeleine Grossman, Florian Bouville, Kunal Masania, Rafael Libanori, André R. Studart ETH Zürich (CML)

Characterization of a reinforcement fabric for high-volume production of composite components via melt thermoplastic Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
Damiano Salvatori, Baris Caglar, Véronique Michaud EPFL (LPAC)


Systems for sustainable mobility - Capacity Area B1

GoEco! Extracting eco-feedback from movement trajectories       Best Poster Award Finalist
Dominik Bucher, David Jonietz, Martin Raubal ETHZ ( IKG) | Francesca Mangili, Claudio Bonesana, Francesca Cellina SUPSI (ISAAC)

Data completeness assessment for GNSS-assisted travel surveys
David Jonietz, Dominik Bucher, Martin Raubal ETHZ (IKG)

A virtual platform to evaluate policy scenarios targeting environmental impacts from household consumption
Andreas Frömelt, Niko Heeren, Stefanie Hellweg ETHZ (ESD) | René Buffat ETHZ (IKG)

Decarbonizing the Swiss heavy duty truck fleet: potential of battery-electric vehicles
Emir Çabukoglu, Gil Georges, Giacomo Pareschi, Konstantinos Boulouchos ETHZ (LAV)

Just in time: optimization of freight trains operations for increasing energy savings
Valerio de Martinis, Francesco Corman, Ulrich A. Weidmann ETHZ (IVT)


Integrated Assessment - Capacity Area B2

A living lab to co‐design a smartphone app promoting sustainable individual mobility patterns      Best Poster Award Finalist
Francesca Cellina, Roman Rudel, Nikolett Kovacs, Roberta Castri, Pasquale Granato SUPSI (ISAAC)

Future LCA databases for prospective LCA of electric cars – Does the electricity used to make steel and batteries make a difference?
Brian Cox, Chris Mutel PSI (LEA) | Angelica Mendoza Institute of Environmental Sciences | Detlaf van Vuuren PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Including the energy saving potential of self-driving cars into LCA of future passenger vehicles       Best Poster Award Finalist
Brian Cox, Chris Mutel PSI (LEA)

V2G: Measuring electric vehicle drivers’ willingness to co-create flexibility for smart grids        Best Poster Award Winner
Merla Kubli, Moritz Loock, Rolf Wüstenhagen
University of St. Gallen (IWOE)

Describing the Swiss mobility system as a basis for transformation assessment (B2.1.2)
Dr. Merja Hoppe, Tobias Michl ZHAW (INE)

Tipping points of competing battery and hydrogen fuel cell cars in Swiss energy transition
Ramachandran Kannan, Stefan Hirschberg, Tom Kober PSI (LEA)

Customer acceptance of E-Mobility: Survey results from Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Spain
Emmannuelle Reuter, Karoline Gamma, Rolf Wüstenhagen University of St. Gallen (IWOE)


Associated Research

Flash charching catenary-free railway restoration planning: electricity distribution networks impact in an Italian-Swiss case
Claudio Carlini, Diana Moneta RSE Milano

Performance evaluation of gasoline alternatives using detailed thermodynamic spark-ignition engine models
Dominic Gschwend, Alexander Wokaun PSI | Patrik Soltic Empa (APTL) | Frédéric Vogel FHNW

The assessment, acceptance and implication of the use of different autonomous e-cars
Cathérine Hartmann, Markus Graf, Ester Reijnen, Markus Hackenfort ZHAW (Psychological Institute)


Poster List


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