eDumper wins European eMove 360° award

  • 11/17/17 10:18 AM
  • fiorella meyer

eMining AG takes a step towards zero-carbon mining

On 16 October 2017, eMining AG won the eMove 360° award for their eDumper. Along with being the biggest electric vehicle with tires, it is equipped with the largest battery (710 kWh) manufactured for this purpose. For a single vehicle, it has an enormous potential to reduce fuel consumption (-50’000 L diesel / year) and thus operational CO2 emissions (-130 t CO2 / year). But this is not all: the eDumper’s batteries do not have to be charged. Regenerative braking takes care of this when going downhill with a full load. If all calculations are correct, surplus battery charge can even be fed into the local grid, thus supplying carbon-neutral electricity. The eDumper will be in operation at Ciments Vigier SA at the La Tscharner quarry near Biel starting in November.

Kuhn Schweiz AG and Lithium Storage GmbH jointly founded eMining AG. The eDumper was designed in cooperation with researchers from the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre, NTB in Buchs and Empa, all active in Capacity Area A1 of SCCER Mobility.

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