SWISSMEM Symposium - Electromobility

  • 11/3/17 3:40 PM
  • fiorella meyer

Gil Georges confronts the question: does electromobility reduce CO2 emissions?

The 15th SWISSMEM Symposium dealt with electromobility and invited experts discussed what this rising technology means for Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industries.

SCCER Mobility was well represented by Gil Georges, Head of LAV Energy Systems Research Group at ETH Zurich. His presentation highlighted the controversy surrounding e-mobility: providing the additional required electricity. He emphasized that simply replacing the car fleet with electric vehicles will not necessarily solve climate and environmental challenges, as emissions may only shift to the energy sector. E-mobility induced emissions can only be minimized if its electricity supply is derived from renewable resources. Therefore, any long-term strategy must also focus on decarbonizing the energy sector along with all upstream production processes.

Dr. Gil Georges is also an active member of Capacity Areas A3 and B1 and coordinates the Joint Activity CEDA. Download his full presentation here or read more about this topic in an interview conducted by Technische Rundschau prior to this event.

SWISSMEM is the leading industrial association for companies in the mechanical and electrical engineering sector in Switzerland. It works towards improving the competitiveness of its members nationally and internationally. To download all presentations of the symposium, please follow this link.



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