SCCER interview with Nicole Aegerter

  • 12/5/19 4:14 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

No one fits all solution to the global energy challenge

Nicole Aegerter is a PhD student at the Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures (CMASLab) at ETH Zurich. Already during her master’s studies in Material Science at ETH Zurich, she was hooked by the idea of developing lightweight materials to reduce vehicular energy demand. Therefore, she decided to pursue a doctorate and continue with research in the field of thermoplastic composites for lightweight structural applications. By investigating efficient processes to manufacture composites in high-volume, her research contributes to light weighting and thus energy saving in mobility. Nicole is convinced that we will not find a “one fits all solution” for our energy demands, but we rather need to find a balanced mix between social, political and technical measures to tackle the problem.

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The SCCER interview series is part of its Advancement of Women and Equal Opportunities initiatives.

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