SCCER Mobility White Paper – March 2021

  • 3/12/21 9:49 AM
  • Gloria Romera

Pathways to a net zero CO₂ Swiss mobility system

The global mobility system is very important for the economy and the well-being of society. In parallel, passenger and freight transport exhibit a high demand for space, infrastructure and energy resources, while they may have negative impacts on the environment, specifically through noise and pollutant emissions. Of particular importance however is the contribution of mobility to climate change because the corresponding energy supply is currently dominated by fossil resources. In the case of Switzerland, mobility contributes the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the other sectors of the economy.

This last White Paper of the SCCER Mobility entitled “Pathways to a net zero CO₂ Swiss mobility system” aims at providing a holistic view of the mobility system, encompassing several sectors, including long-haul transport modes, which can be expected to become much more important in contributing to the overall energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions in the future. Based on this, we examine best ways to address the above mentioned challenges, point out actions that must be taken with priority and derive recommendations for key stakeholders in the area.

We hope that the present document will prove to be useful to support the transformation of the Swiss mobility and energy system towards sustainability and we are looking forward to a fruitful dialogue with interested stakeholders on the subject.

SCCER Mobility was established in 2014 to support the implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 through cooperative research between academia and industry and to help train the next generation of scientists in the mobility-energy nexus.


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