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Call 2018 Integrated Regional Energy Systems

The initiative ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems supports the realization of the European Union’s goals of leading in renewable energy production, reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and thus lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It funds efforts that develop solutions and innovative business models for local and regional energy systems based on renewable energy sources, up to and beyond 100% by 2030. The projects must address specific needs and involve stake-holders within a local/regional energy system. Call for proposals is open now and the project outline deadline is 11 September 2018.

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Venture kick with over 10 years of success

Venture kick is program powered by digitalswitzerland that promotes spin-offs at Swiss universities. Since 2007, it has been helping young companies to speed up their time to the market and bring them together with potential investors and partners. The program consists of three funding phases in which participants pitch their idea, develop their business case and finally kick-start their business. Young entrepreneurs also have a chance to join so called kickers camps, where they receive professional mentoring and get access to a large network.

Photograph: ETH Zurich  |   May 16, 2018

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From research to the market - BRIDGE Proof of Concept call open now

BRIDGE is a joint program funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse. With two funding schemes, it supports projects at the interface between basic research and science-based innovation. BRIDGE Proof of Concept helps young scientists who have an idea for transferring their research to marketable products. BRIDGE Discovery supports senior researchers to explore the innovation potential of their scientific results. BRIDGE Proof of Concept is currently accepting proposals until 4 June 2018.   |   April 25, 2018

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ETH spin-off record held for 3rd consecutive year

25 new ETH spin-off companies were founded in 2017, thus keeping the record of the previous two years. From these, eight were supported by the ETH Pioneer Fellowship program and seven were co-founded by female scientists. While the focus of the spin-offs represents the wide research portfolio of ETH Zurich, it is apparent that rising digitalization plays an important role. During the past year, several new companies were started that are active in the field of digital technology and data science.   |   April 12, 2018

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